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how to recover scammed cryptocurrency

How to Recover from a Crypto Scam

Bitcoin Recovery from scammers

 With high transaction speeds, perceived anonymity and decentralisation, cryptocurrency is the preferred payment method in almost all major financial fraud cases. If your cryptocurrency has been stolen, our crypto tracing services can help to maximise the likelihood of successful crypto scam recovery. 

Whether to inform a financial crime investigation or assist an asset search, Claimbackjustice can identify target transactions and locate assets across the globe. Our skilled investigators utilise sophisticated cryptocurrency tracing tools and worldwide resources to map out money trails on the blockchain. 

If you have fallen victim to a cryptocurrency investment scam, hack or theft, we are here to hunt down your crypto assets and expose the offender behind the crime. Equipped with evidence of payment paths, crypto exchanges and perpetrators, you can take legal action to recover your coins.

Cryptocurrency tracing with a proven track record

Global leaders in crypto fraud investigation

With over 30 years of experience in investigation and evidence collection, ClaimBackJustice  investigators are world-renowned for their crypto scam recovery capabilities. We have mastered the art of identifying money trails and fraudsters with unrivalled efficiency to the high standard required by Courts and law enforcement.

Sophisticated intelligence and blockchain analytics

ClaimBackJustice utilises intelligence & blockchain analytics tools to track down over 800 cryptocurrencies on the blockchain. Favoured by international law enforcement agencies, this powerful software can reveal the Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) used to manage coins.

Worldwide cryptocurrency tracing

ClaimBackJustice offers the exclusive ability to trace money trails for crypto scam recovery efforts in any country, thanks to a global team of investigators, analysts and researchers, as well as extensive relationships with state, federal and international partner agencies around the world.

Invaluable connections

To support successful crypto scam recovery, ClaimBackJustice leverages a network of confidential informants, sources and whistleblowers in the cryptocurrency fraud industry, as well as expert witnesses in cybercrime and cyber forensics. If required, we can also refer you to a law enforcement agency.

Complete client confidentiality

No matter its scale or cost, every crypto tracing investigation is performed with total discretion and a commitment to client confidentiality. To protect your privacy, ClaimBackJustice encrypts all personal data and will never disclose case details without consent. 

Uncover critical information for crypto scam recovery

Attributions & associations

Blockchain intelligence software can gather ownership attribution details for analysis. While this information rarely reveals the personal identities of individual offenders, it can highlight key associations with criminal organisations or fraudulent schemes.

Address clusters

A cluster is a set of cryptocurrency addresses managed by the same user or group. By widening the investigation to encompass multiple addresses, our cybercrime specialists can gather more evidence for successful crypto scam recovery.

Verification details

Many VASPs, cryptocurrency exchange platforms and decentralised finance firms demand identity verification information when creating accounts. If a scammer has used such services for cryptocurrency dealings, this personal data can be accessed with a civil subpoena or criminal warrant with the aim of crypto scam recovery. 

IP addresses

Blockchain surveillance systems can collect metadata to look out for IP addresses linked to specific payments. An IP address may shed light on the fraudster’s physical location when a given transaction was made.

Transaction volumes

The total value of cryptocurrency transactions can indicate the scale of a scam. Due to the number of victims targeted, the more extensive or larger schemes may warrant a class action lawsuit in civil Court, as well garner more attention from media and law enforcement officials.

Risk profiles

Advanced algorithms may be used to perform automatic risk profiling that tracks the activity of a cryptocurrency address. Any interactions with certain entities, such as peer-to-peer exchanges or ransomware rings, will be flagged.

Total address values

The amount of assets held by an offender’s cryptocurrency address can be a vital piece of information for successful recovery. A high-value address may be subject to a seizure warrant in criminal Court or a Freezing or Garnishee Order in civil proceedings for crypto scam recovery.

Tracking down assets

The goal of cryptocurrency tracing is to find your stolen assets and the offenders who swindled them. Although blockchain transactions are anonymous, the wallet address used by the offender to cash out is not.

To identify this pivotal information for crypto scam recovery, our investigators leverage tracing software to follow funds through a web of online transactions. Along the way, we will detect suspicious trends, sidestep decoys, and uncover key associations with criminal operations. This meticulous process demands considerable time, resources and prowess.

Identifying cryptocurrency scammers

Once we’ve pinpointed the wallet address, it’s time to identify its owner. Some exchanges will fulfil a request from our investigators to share the wallet holder’s identification. However, most exchanges require this request to come directly from the police. Therefore, you will need to ask your local police station to email the relevant exchange. 

As this is a relatively young type of crime, police responses can differ by jurisdiction, station, and officer. To make this process as effortless as possible for the police, we can provide a draft request letter.

Aiding crypto scam recovery in Court

Once the police are equipped with the wallet holder’s personal details, ClaimBackJustice can assist their efforts to recover your assets. We will gather admissible evidence of the fraud for use in Court, so that you are best positioned to get your money back. 

Prepared by a Cryptocurrency Tracing Certified Examiner (CTCE), our reports detail lawful evidence for civil and criminal prosecutions. Gain the information you need for crypto scam recovery.

Frequently asked questions

Where should I report a cryptocurrency scam?

Please report a cryptocurrency scam to the Police or through your national fraud reporting portal (for example: Australia –

www.cyber.gov.au, USA – www.ic3.gov, UK-

www.actionfraud.police.uk, Canada – www.antifraudcentre.ca).

Cryptocurrency scams should also be reported to your financial institution and tax authority, for instance, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) in Australia.

What is cryptocurrency tracing?

Cryptocurrency tracing is the technique used to track down transactions for goods and services on the blockchain, to ultimately determine who has cashed the money out and how.

Is cryptocurrency traceable?

Yes, contrary to popular belief, most cryptocurrency is traceable with the right tools and expertise.

Blockchain ledgers that record cryptocurrency transactions use a unique address of numbers and letters to identify each user. The lack of personal details makes it extremely challenging, if not impossible, for victims of fraud to hunt down offenders alone in some


What’s more, cryptocurrency can be cashed out quickly into fiat money through cryptocurrency exchange platforms around the world – many of which remain unregulated with no financial oversight.

Thankfully, gyber investigation services from ClaimbackJustice  leverage expert skills and global resources to expose criminals lurking behind this cloak of anonymity. Note that the likelihood of successful tracing and crypto scam recovery varies from case to case, depending on the scam’s complexity and technical measures used to hide its perpetrator’s identity.

Can you recover scammed cryptocurrency?

Yes, it is possible to recover scammed cryptocurrency with legal action.

However, it’s essential to understand that crypto scam recovery services are not included in cryptocurrency tracing, which aims only to identify payment paths on the blockchain. This critical first step helps to locate cryptocurrency assets so that they can be frozen until recovered through Court proceedings.

How much does cryptocurrency. tracing cost?

The cost of cryptocurrency tracing will depend on how many traces are required. Before beginning the investigation, ClaimBackJustice  will perform a preliminary assessment of your case and provide a tailored cost proposal to reach an optimal outcome.

How long does it take to trace cryptocurrency?

While the length of time it takes to uncover a money trail will depend on case circumstances, ClaimBackJustice  completes most cryptocurrency tracing within 14 days.

Can I use the information ClaimBackJustice  gathers in Court? Yes, our cryptocurrency tracing reports can serve as evidence in Court to aid crypto scam recovery in almost all developed countries.

However, as cryptocurrency is a relatively novel phenomenon, legislation is still being drafted in most jurisdictions.

To confirm whether ClaimBackJustice can provide admissible evidence for your case, please contact our cryptocurrency fraud investigators today.

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