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About Us

Ensuring the Safety of Your Financial Assets is Our Priority.

Safeguarding Your
Financial Assets

At Claimbackjustice, we utilize air-gapped, in-house servers to recover lost or forgotten passwords for cryptocurrency wallets.

When clients come to us, they typically encounter the frustrating situation of losing access to their crypto asset wallets. Whether due to forgetfulness or other reasons, they find themselves unable to retrieve their passwords. While forgetting passwords is a common occurrence, the repercussions of losing access to a Bitcoin core wallet, for example, are far more significant than being locked out of an email account.

Our Expertise

Throughout the recovery journey, we ensure transparency by keeping our clients informed of every development in real-time.


Establish trust and meet face to face over a video chat.


Work with the client to obtain private key backup.


Withdraw our service fee and return credentials respectively.

Secure Passwords

Build a list of possible passwords and password elements


Develop attack strategies and build the tools necessary.

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